Running a business is challenging...
Managing your HR and
IT don't have to be

Sophman provides friendly, expert HR and IT support.
We also offer digital platforms that are unique to you.
Our aim is to make managing people and technology simple, stress-free and cost-effective.

What We Offer?


HR Support

Employees are a critical component of any business. Successfully managing the human resource aspect of business can be important, even for very small businesses.


IT Support

With more and more companies looking to align their IT infrastructure to the business values, the need for highly efficient and effective IT solutions is greater than ever.


Digital Solutions

In the new world of Business Technology, digital solutions and services are integral to business strategy, making organisations more effective and powering their progress.

Why Sophman?


Technology and our zeal to excel allow us to stay nimble, so we work at a pace that works for you.


We always look at most cost-effective resources and solutions, so you will always get the best value with us.



We know there are lots of complexities in running a business so we make our solutions simple for you.


Our solutions will be customised to your business, so no matter what you do we have a solution.


Searching for a Solution?

Our Clients

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